Venture Clienting

inQsmart enables startups to sell innovative IoT solutions to their first venture client, even if it is not yet mature.

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Good clients make startups successful

inQsmart evaluates your solution for an appropriate proof of concept and matching use cases. Afterwards we set up a partnership with leading corporations. As a venture client we do not invest i.e. we do not ask for shares or equity. Successful startups can drive major Innovation with our partners. Let's make an impact together.

Why inQsmart venture client for startups?

We enable the market testing of leading startup's solutions and setup partnerships with fortune 500 corporations in Germany to make your startup successful.

Sell your product

We will evaluate your product for an PoC (proof of concept),even when you are not ready for market launch.. You retain your IP.

Test your solution

Integrate your solution in use cases, collect data and improve quickly.

Learn from reality

Gain new technical and market knowledge from experts.

Speed up

Save time, money and effort. We ensure a fast PoC purchasing and funding process to speed up your time to market.

Scale up

Aspire to shape the future? Scale within the group of partners.


We connect you with the key decision makers to grow your business quickly.

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